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Ottocento red

Ottocento red is a cuvee made of Merlot and Refosco. Grapes are collected from the wines that are 10 to 25 years old and which are close to the cellar. Eventhough Merlot it is not local varietal, it is very good adjusted on the postition and climate and it is very good blended with Refosco. High quality red wine, enough autentic that when you drink it, you enjoy the minerality of the most prestigious istrian soil, white soil.

Grape varietal
Refosco, Merlot
Free sulfur dioxide
6 mg/L
dry red wine
Yield per wine
1 – 1,5 kg
Total dry extract
27 g/L
by hand
Reducing sugar
1,5 g/L
Alcohol content
Harvest time
Wine growing area
Western Istria, Croatia
Total acidity
6,1 g/L
Soil composition
Dark, heavy clay


The Refošk and Merlot grapes are meticulously harvested and fermented separately in large foudré at a controlled temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Following fermentation, the wines are aged in a blend of large Slavonian, Austrian, and French oak barrels for a period of two years. This oak combination imparts complexity and subtle nuances to the wines, allowing them to develop depth, structure, and harmonious integration of flavors. The extended aging process adds sophistication and refinement to the final blend of Refošk and Merlot wines, resulting in a wine of exceptional quality and character.

Wine production: Fermentation on the skins in open vats, without the addition of selected yeasts and enzymes

Aging: Aged oak barrels

Bottle: 0,75 l

Tasting notes