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Ottocento white

The wine which some would choose as the only wine they would drink till they die.

Ottocento is a cuvée made of Malvazija and Pinot Grigio. Percent of the varietals variaties from harvest to harvest depending on the yield. Even though Malvazija often prevails in the wine, Pinot Grigio influences the pink colour of the Ottocento. It is the wine which we keep at 14 to 15 degrees Celsius and which we never drink chilled and which got the name from a family joke from the beginning of the production, the story you will hear at the winery.

Grape varietal
Istrian Malvazija, Pinot Gris
Free sulfur dioxide
8 mg/L
Dry white wine
Yield per wine
1 - 1,5kg
Total dry extract
23,0 g/L
By hand
Reducing sugar
2 g/L
Alcohol content
14,5 %
Harvest time
Wine growing area
Western Istria, Croatia
Total acidity
5,9 g/L
Soil composition
Sandyclay, heavy clay


The Malvasija and Pinot Grigio grapes are meticulously harvested and fermented separately in large foudrés at a controlled temperature of 16-20 degrees Celsius. During fermentation, the Malvasija grapes spend between two to three weeks on the skins, while the Pinot Grigio grapes undergo a shorter maceration period of approximately 5 days. This differential skin contact time allows for the desired extraction of color, tannins, and flavors for each grape variety. After fermentation, both wines are aged in a blend of large Slovenian, Austrian, and French oak barrels for two years, further enhancing their complexity, structure, and flavor integration. One remarkable attribute of the resulting blend is its stunning color, showcasing a captivating blend of the partially rose-like color from the Pinot Grigio and the golden hue from the Malvasija. This unique and visually striking color adds to the overall allure of the wines, enhancing their exceptional quality and character

Wine production: Fermentation on the skins in open vats, without the addition of selected yeasts and enzymes

Aging: Aged oak barrels

Bottle: 0,75 l

Tasting notes